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Terms and Conditions

Please Read all terms, conditions, rights and obligations all parties involved in this agreement are obliged to abide by. Any changes to the document at hand can be made without prior notice.

1. Introduction

1.1. The reader is advised to check all the terms and conditions described in this agreement before committing to the contract.

2. Booking and Confirmation

2.1. When making a booking, the client has the duty to present an accurate description of the property that is to be serviced. We reserve all rights to make amends to the quote and to charge for any extra work that needs to be carried out.

2.2. The customer has the obligation to provide Deep Cleaning with accurate, complete and correct information and instructions. Otherwise, we reserve the right to cancel the order or to charge extra.

2.3. The customer has the obligation to ensure the cleaners’ access to the property.

2.4. A slot will be reserved for the performance of the service as soon as the booking process is complete.

Note: The estimated time may vary according to factors that are not under our control: traffic, bad weather and so on.

2.5. All parking arrangements are to be handled by the customer. If parking fees are required, they are to be paid by the customer.


3. Pricing and Payment:

3.1. We accept all cheques, we also accept payments in cash, credit card or debit card, Online Bank Transfer and PayPal.

3.2. All prices have to be based on a minimum charge, according to the service that is to be provided.

3.3. Cleaning or Deep Cleaning may charge additionally for certain circumstances e.g.: We may charge an extra fee for congestion or additional requests on your property.


4. Reschedule and Cancellation of Appointments:  

4.1. Cancellations are to be made at least 48 hours before the time of the booking.


5. Services:

5.1. Our company reserves the right to subcontract any/all services offered.

5.2. The customer (or a representative) is to be present at the end of the service to sign off the task as having been completed to your satisfaction. Otherwise, we will consider the Services as having been accepted by you.

6. We will not be held liable if:

6.1. Our professional house cleaners exercise the most reasonable care when cleaning your home or business. Since we don't use anything toxic, we are not liable or held responsible for damages caused by normal wear and tear or improper installation of items in your home or business.

6.2. Deep Cleaning strives to deal with any issues with the services offered. We will not consider any complaint filed later than 7 working days after the service has been provided.


Payment Instructions


We accept Cash , Cheque, Online Transfer ,debit and card method of payment, when using credit Card 4.5% additional will be charged.

  1. Bank Transfer : Bank Name: Sagicor | Account #: 5503936657 | Branch: New Kingston

  2. Debit & Credit Card: Swipe | Cheque : Company Name: Fog Cleaners Ja

  3. PayPal or @Mcleod225 or QR Scan Code