About Us

We provide full deep cleaning, sanitization and disinfecting services for governmental, commercial and residential building creating healthier occupiable spaces aiding in the prevention, creation or transmission of bacteria, germs or other diseases.


We are a Responsive Professional and Accredited Cleaning Company with Particular Expertise in Deep Cleaning, Sanitization, Disinfection and Fumigation.

As specialist cleaners in the industry we are proud of our flexible approach and of our capacity to accommodate the needs of our clients, even at very short notice.

Having developed our expertise in a wide range of cleaning services such as: deep cleaning, after building construction cleaning, warehouse cleaning, industrial cleaning, janitorial cleaning, buildings, hotel and motels cleaning, and decontamination.

Our clients range from large scale enterprises to residential homes as we rapidly build and maintain our reputation as High Quality Deep Cleaners. 

Every customer is different and so we propose a cleaning plan of action depending on your requirements and schedule periodic deep cleans to suit – these could be daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly. 

Fog Cleaner Ja is the industry leaders in infectious diseases and bio-hazard remediation, disinfection, delivering the highest professional standards possible. 


We use a Non-Toxic Solution proven to kill 99.99% of Germs Viruses and Bacteria. This solution mainly includes water and sodium chloride.


After careful research and sourcing, we provide a safe and Non-Toxic approach to disinfecting large high traffic public places. Let’s introduce Electrolyzed Oxidized Water(EOW), it was first developed in Japan in the 1980s, and was first used in the field of medicine because of its significant bactericidal effect on MRSA (methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus, which is known as "superbug"). 

The advantages of EOW includes:

  • High efficiency

  • Non Corrosive

  • No harm to human body

  • No pollution to the environment

  • Environmentally friendly

The Dream Team

Fog Cleaners Ja is the cleaning team you have been dreaming of. We are professional, trustworthy, and hard working. We aim to Satisfy. We're family owned and treat our team like family. We're family owned and treat our team like family.

We take pride in allowing only the best and most efficient people to join our team. 
Our team members are:

  • In full uniform when they arrive at your home or office
  • Equipped with all of the necessary cleaning products
  • Professionally trained through Fog Cleaners Ja

Most importantly, you will be assigned the same team for all visits, ensuring you receive a consistent level of quality service that is tailored to your individual requests and preferences. We will treat your home or office with full respect and privacy

To help maintain our high quality standards and your security, We conduct background checks and verify that each candidate has the necessary documentation to work legally in this country.

At all times, in each and every home, your uniformed maid service team operates under an experienced supervisor who inspects their work to assure excellent cleaning quality and that your requests are performed to your expectations.